Will You Use the New TSP Mutual Fund Window?

The new TSP mutual fund window is launching soon. Do you plan to use it?

The long awaited TSP mutual fund window is finally coming in June 2022, but will federal employees use it?

We have surveyed our readers in the past about their opinion of the mutual fund window and the sentiment has generally been unenthusiastic. However, the details about the mutual fund window, how it will work, it’s fees, etc. are more clear now, not to mention the rollout date is nearly upon us, so we were curious if our readers have different feelings about it now that they have had time to read more about the new offering in the TSP.

Adding a mutual fund window to the TSP will allow more options for TSP participants. It will also change the plan from one that is relatively easy to use and understand into a more complex system, and it of course carries some restrictions and higher fees for TSP participants who choose to use it.

Do you plan to use the new mutual fund window in your TSP account when it launches next month? Are you ok with the fees and restrictions? Are there any funds in particular in which you want to invest?

The survey is now closed. You can read the results here: FedSmith Readers Not Planning to Use the TSP Mutual Fund Window

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