Randy Silvey

Author: Randy Silvey

Randy Silvey is the published author of You FIRST, Federal Employees Retirement Guide, one of the bestselling books of its kind on Amazon and Kindle. For over 18 years, he’s been educating and guiding Feds in pursuing wealthier retirement lifestyles. Randy can be reached at 816-524-1515 or visit his website at www.silverlightfinancial.com. Securities offered through Infinity Financial Services. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Federal Retirement Lone Rangers: Do They Need a Fiduciary Tonto?

The author notes that despite his handle, the original Lone Ranger didn’t actually ride alone. He had the assistance of Tonto, his trusted companion. Federal employees considering planning their retirements alone can learn from this analogy: they can often fare better with the assistance of a trusted guide to help them. The author provides suggestions on what to look for in a federally focused financial planner.

Is the Recent Stock Market Volatility Giving You ‘Analysis Paralysis’?

The recent volatility in the stock market has many federal employees worried about their Thrift Savings Plan investments and future retirement. The author says that some federal employees may unintentionally be paralyzing their own retirement plans through “analysis paralysis.” He explains what this means and how to avoid it.