Robbie Kunreuther

Robbie Kunreuther

Robbie Kunreuther is the Director of Government Personnel Services (GPS). GPS provides 1 to 3-day seminars to Federal agencies in four subject areas: Dealing with performance and conduct issues; Developing sensible performance appraisal criteria; Fostering cooperative labor-management relations; and Applying mediation skills in the workplace. Over the years, Robbie has trained thousands of Federal supervisors, managers, HR specialists, and union officials. For more information about him and GPS, go to

A Tale of Two Factors

Supervisor having a meeting with one of his employees to correct a problem - discipline, human resources

The author says that federal HR advisors have gotten more cautious in their approach to discipline and often overlook the main focus of solving the problem.

When is a Law Not a Law?

Golden 3D question mark symbol appearing next to a judge's gavel on a wooden desk depicting raising questions about the law or a court ruling

The author asks when or if it is acceptable to work around federal HR law for convenience because the penalty for violation is excessive.

Winning at Weingarten

The “Weingarten Right” stems from a Supreme Court decision that forever changed labor relations. The author looks at its history and application to government.

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