Organizing Bargaining: Practical and Useful Tools to Help Make the Process More Manageable

Bargaining a contract is a lot to get your arms around. The Author offers these tools to make preparation, tracking and figuring out the status of a negotiation simpler. Warning! This article is written for folks who have bargained without structure and wished they had some tools to work with. If you’re a seat of the pants bargainer, shame on you, and this is not for you.

Bargaining Impact and Implementation: Get the Agreement Right

The author has written extensively on FedSmith about the “ins and outs” of bargaining on the impact and implementation(I and I) of agency management decisions. I and I bargaining occurs with great frequency in the Federal sector and generally results in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the agency and the union. This article covers critical points the agency should consider in putting together an MOU.