Federal Bargaining Preparation: Reviewing an Expiring Agreement

As negotiated agreements expire and bargaining appears likely, it is vital for an Agency to take stock of the old contract and assess where it wants negotiations to go. You can be sure the union will come to the table with an agenda; the author asks whether Agency representatives have an agenda of their own and attempts to lay out a framework for development of management’s agenda.

Did TSA Head Break Neutrality Obligation by Permitting Prospective Bargaining?

In the middle of a contentious union battle to win recognition over a bargaining unit of passenger and baggage screeners at TSA, Administrator John Pistole publicly announced that a union, once elected, may bargain working conditions of these employees. The Author asks whether this is a violation of management’s obligation to remain neutral while a union vote is pending. Since the choice of “no union” must appear on every ballot, has TSA affected that option? Read on and decide.