Good Faith or Bad?

A federal judge questions whether the Departments of State and Justice acted in bad faith in handling records requests for Hillary Clinton’s emails as Secretary of State.

D.C. Circuit Disagrees with DOJ Handling of FOIA Request

Here is yet another case in which a court has taken issue with an agency’s withholding of information in response to a FOIA request. This time it’s the Department of Justice—the agency responsible for “overseeing” how the government is handling its disclosure obligations.

She Fought the Law and She Won

A PhD candidate at University of Virginia fought back when the Defense Department ruled she did not qualify for the education reduced fee exemption under the FOIA and therefore would have to pay the full $900 due in fees for the agency’s efforts. She won at the influential U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. She not only gets the reduced fee, her case sets a precedent that should affect how all agencies handle FOIA requests from students in the future.