Ayotte Proposes Extending Pay Freeze to Avert Sequestration

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Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) has proposed legislation that would extend the pay freeze through 2014 and increase current federal employees’ pension contributions by 2.3 percent over three years as a means of avoiding sequestration cuts.

The Senate has said that it would not consider a vote on Ayotte’s proposed legislation, however, making it a certainty that it will not go forward.

“I think it’s time for us to stop the charade,” said Senator Ayotte. “With the clock ticking, it’s my hope that we actually get down to resolving this in a responsible way for our country, by finding alternative savings to replace sequestration while still addressing our deficit. That’s why I put pen to paper, to provide an alternative to the leadership-backed bills and demonstrate that we can find alternative savings to address sequestration without raising taxes. ”

The 2013 Sequester Replacement and Spending Reduction Act contains proposals that come from the recommendations put forth by the Simpson-Bowles Commission, whose original plan failed to advance to Congress for a vote.

National Association of Government Employees national president David Holway said in a statement, “Continuing to target federal employees’ pay and benefits sends the wrong message to the federal workforce whose mission it is to protect the country and provide important services to the American public. Congress will only diminish the strength of the federal workforce and hinder the progress of the country, if it continues to use federal workers as a national piggy bank.”

NFFE national president William R. Dougan added, “Here we go again. Rather than proposing a serious solution to sequestration, Senator Ayotte and her GOP colleagues have chosen to dust off well-worn attacks on federal employees that do nothing to fix the problem.”

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  1. Radicalvet says:

    “It’s the Federal Governments fault”, It’s Obamas fault, It’s the Rescumlicans fault, blah bla blah.You know what. It’s ALL our faults for electing idiots to Congress that put party above country. You have a problem because someone is a Federal Employee. Step outside and we can talk about it. Personally I want to see Virginia kick that punk Cantor to the curb, California throw out Pelosi, Wisconsin stuff some cheese up Paul Ryans behind, Ohio give Boehner some kleenex, etc etc. You get the picture. For both parties to hold the country hostage because of IDIOTOLOGY on their differences, then DC we have a problem that soon the country as a whole is going to sequster your dysfuntional ways.

  2. Davmatt40 says:

    NO pay raise for another year, Oh no! 2.3 percent increase in paying for our pensions, no way Senator Ayotte! I’ll take my 20% cut in pay which is a waaaaaaaay better idea! Wake up people, this isn’t bad, it’s only going to get worse.

  3. frustrated says:

    Still not addressing the problem. Federal employees are only minor.
    The federal government is paying farmers not to grow certain crops. I know, at the least, wheat and corn prices have gone up four fold over the last few years and there is a lot of farm ground that is locked up in a subsidy not to grow those crops. It is time for farmers to sink or swim on their own merits.

  4. Retired Fed says:

    That 1/2 percent pay raise is supposed to cost $11 Billion over ten years.  How in the world does Senator Ayotte thinks that is going to pay for the sequestration cuts?  The 2.3 percent increase for the retirement still wouldn’t pay for it.

  5. dsummersgp says:

    Sen Ayotte why don’t you lead by example ?  Start by giving 20% of your salary back.