Tapping a Valuable Resource: The Federal Workforce

Filed in News by on February 17, 2015 Comments

How do you think your agency could improve performance and make government a better place to work? Here is your choice to submit your opinion.

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Turn Your Taxable Portfolio Into A Tax-Free Retirement Account

Filed in Headline Archives, News by on February 16, 2015 Comments

Long-time federal workers under CSRS have a unique opportunity for tax-free retirement income. The author describes how CSRS federal employees can contribute to the little-known Voluntary Contribution Program to overcome some of the major contribution limitations with IRAs.

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President’s Day… or Washington’s Birthday?

Filed in News by on February 13, 2015 Comments

Monday is a holiday, “[T]o insure a minimum of five regularly recurring 3-day weekends each year for Federal employees.” Here is how and why this holiday came to be celebrated.

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Do You Have Mid-Cycle Review Blues?

Filed in News by on February 12, 2015 Comments

Most government organizations have an annual performance review. And many organizations also have a mid-cycle “touch base” review that allows you to see how you’re progressing. The mid-cycle review is a good time to go back and take a look at “What were those three development areas that you were going to put your attention on this year?”

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Bill Would Ban Federal Employees From Watching Porn at Work

Filed in News by on February 11, 2015 Comments

A bill introduced in the House would prohibit federal employees from accessing or watching pornographic material on government computers or devices.

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Disciplinary Actions Against Federal Employees: Never Go It Alone

Filed in News by on February 11, 2015 Comments

As a federal civilian employee, you enjoy various rights, protections and avenues of due process. The author says there is no better time to exercise these rights and protections than when facing a disciplinary matter that could affect, or possibly end, your federal career.

Continue Reading » Users Showing More Positivity Towards OPM’s Retirement Processing

Filed in News by on February 10, 2015 Comments users who have recently retired from federal service indicated some overall improvement in their dealings with the Office of Personnel Management and getting their retirement applications processed.

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The Misguided Warnings About Social Security

Filed in News by on February 9, 2015 Comments

The experts have warned for years that Social Security is heading for a crisis. The author asks which should concern Americans more: the expert’s warnings about Social Security, or the way that they arrived at their conclusions.

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