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2016 Pay Raise One Step Closer to Becoming A Reality

Filed in News by on July 23, 2015 Comments

A pay raise for federal employees in 2016 just became one step closer to reality.

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Is Washington’s Big F.E.E.T.S. Stepping on Federal Employees?

Filed in News by on July 20, 2015 Comments

The author says politicians in Washington are using federal employees as political pawns which is likely to push talented people out of the federal workforce. He outlines some of the arguments coming from Washington against the federal workforce and dispels them with evidence of his own.

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Some CSRS Offset Employees Will Receive Extra Money (and Interest)

Filed in News by on July 16, 2015 Comments

Are you a CSRS offset retiree? If you are in this group of federal employees, a letter coming from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) may interest you as you may be in for at least a small, unexpected financial gain.

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The Confederate Flag and Your 2016 Pay Raise

Filed in News by on July 15, 2015 Comments

How does a controversy over flying the Confederate flag impact the 2016 federal employee pay raise?

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Locality Pay for Feds: How Is Your Paycheck Impacted?

Filed in News by on July 14, 2015 Comments

How much of a difference will locality pay make in your paycheck? This article compares actual locality pay to the “target pay gap” in each locality pay area and how it impacts the salary levels for hundreds of thousands of federal employees.

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Federal Retirement Contributions and Pension Calculations: More Changes Coming?

Filed in News by on July 9, 2015 Comments

Will the federal retirement system be changed to require greater contributions from federal employees in the near future? Will the retirement computation change from a high three to high five? Here is a quick summary of pending issues federal employees should be watching.

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2016 Locality Pay and How It Will Impact Your Paycheck

Filed in News by on July 7, 2015 Comments

FedSmith has received questions from geographic readers in areas to be covered by new locality pay rates. Most readers asking questions are wondering if they will receive the full locality pay differential cited by the Federal Salary Council. Our advice: Don’t make any purchases based on your expectations of increased income until you know the actual amount you will receive. This article explains why.

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Will Federal Retirees Get a COLA Increase in 2016?

Filed in News by on June 18, 2015 Comments

How much will federal retirees and Social Security recipients receive with a new COLA calculation that will go into effect in January? As of today, there would not be any increase.

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