Show Me the Money!

The percentages for the 2006 pay increases in the federal government are out now. But what are the actual dollar amounts of the salaries of some of the higher ranking government officials?

As noted in an article posted on earlier today, the President signed an executive order setting the average pay increase for federal employees at 2.1% and setting a 1.9% pay increase for the Vice President, Congress, and Supreme Court justices. The President’s annual salary of $400,000 was not increased under the terms of the order.

The actual numbers generated by the 2.1% increase for federal employees are available now in the 2006 general schedule and locality pay tables. But what are the actual numbers for the 1.9% increase that the other government officials are getting? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Government Official New Pay in 2006
Vice President, House Speaker, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court From $208,100 to $212,100
Associate Justices of the Supreme Court From $199,200 to $203,000
House and Senate majority and minority leaders From $180,100 to $183,500
Members of Congress From $162,100 to $165,200

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