GSA: Mileage Reimbursement Rates Stay Put

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The General Services Administration’s annual review of mileage reimbursement rates has concluded that there will be no change to the rate paid to federal employees who use their personal vehicles for work. The rate is $0.51 per mile.

GSA stated in a recent memo, “GSA’s annual privately owned vehicle (POV) mileage reimbursement rate review has resulted in no rate changes when employees use their privately owned automobile (POA), their POA when Government owned automobiles (GOA) are authorized, their privately owned airplane, and/or their privately owned motorcycle for official purposes. Historically, GSA has determined these rates by reviewing the annual standard automobile study conducted by the Internal Revenue Service, as well as conducting independent automobile, motorcycle, and aircraft studies, and/or by applying consumer price index data. GSA will continue to monitor these costs on a monthly basis and will adjust the rate if warranted.”

The GSA rates for 2012 are as follows:

Modes of Transportation Effective/Applicability Date  Rate per mile
Airplane*  January 1, 2012 $1.29 
If use of privately-owned automobile is authorized or if no Government-owned automobile is available. January 1, 2012 $0.51
If Government Owned Automobile available January 1, 2012 $0.19
Motorcycle January 1, 2012 $0.48

The Internal Revenue Service maintains a separate mileage reimbursement rate which the general public uses when computing deductions for travel costs for business expenses incurred when using private vehicles. That rate is unchanged for 2012 as well at $0.55 per mile.

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