OPM Sets Retirement Claims Processing Record for 2012

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According to its latest monthly report, the number of retirement claims processed by the Office of Personnel Management was the most in a single month so far in 2012.

OPM processed 12,563 claims in September despite having only received 11,952 during the month. This helped to bring its total backlog down to 41,176 from 41,787 in August. So while there is still a large backlog, it is slowly coming down.

We recently conducted a survey of FedSmith.com users to ask them if they were affected by the retirement claims backlog and what their experiences were. Feedback indicated that some respondents were satisfied while others were very unhappy with the slowness of the process, but the median wait times ranged from 5 – 7 months.

Are you a federal retiree who has recently worked with OPM on your retirement claims? What was your experience like? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

The table below shows the latest monthly figures of OPM’s retirement processing:

Month Projected Claims Received Projected Claims Processed Projected
Inventory (inventory plus claims less processed)
Actual Claims Received Actual Claims Processed Inventory (inventory plus claims less processed)
Jan-12 21,000 8,000 61,378 21,479 8,749 61,108
Feb-12 5,600 8,300 58,678 6,415 9,953 57,570
Mar-12 5,000 8,300 55,378 7,090 12,386 52,274
Apr-12 8,000 8,300 55,078 6,770 8,028 51,016
May-12 8,000 8,500 54,578 7,523 9,066 49,473
Jun-12 8,000 8,500 54,078 7,814 8,964 48,323
Jul-12 8,400 11,500 50,978 8,660 12,304 44,679
Aug-12 8,000 11,500 47,478 8,973 11,865 41,787
Sep-12 7,000 11,500 42,978 11,952 12,563 41,176


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