FedSmith.com Users Say There Will Be Some Fallout from IRS Scandal

FedSmith.com users said in a recent survey that they believe there will be some fallout from the IRS scandal, but the opinions were almost an even split.

FedSmith.com users weighed in on the ongoing IRS scandal in our latest survey.

We asked if you thought any career IRS employees would be removed as part of the fallout from the IRS targeting conservative groups. The clear response on this was yes (49.1%) while 39.9% said no and 11% weren’t sure.

As to whether you thought political appointees or elected officials would suffer any consequences, the response gap narrowed, but a slight majority said no (45.3%). 42.1% said they thought some political appointees and/or elected officials would be removed, while another 12.6% weren’t sure.

The controversial topic generated a lot of comments from respondents as well. Here are a few representative comments submitted along with the survey responses:

  • IRS like other agencies has no accountability, and as long as folks are not affected I really don’t think taxpayers care about this as much as the politicians do. Congress should be as active & vocal when it comes to lessening the deficits.
  • Why do ANY political groups enjoy tax-free status?
  • The President has totally ignored the Constitution and rights if gives Americans to further his own agenda.
  • I believe it will eventually be swept under the rug like all the rest of the controversies
  • If an orginaztion wants a tax break, they should be reviewed.
  • They should be removed, they have violated the public trust which a Federal employee should never do. A Federal employee must be held to a higher standard even though elected officials don’t seem to be.
  • This is a classic example of federal employee arrogance which comes all the way down from the office of the President. All federal employees are public servants and would do well to remember that fact!
  • Because the IRS has become so totally corrupt that it is incapable of improving. I also believe Obama was well aware of the targeting performed by so-called “rogue agents” and if anything, those involved will receive bonuses and promotions for a “job well done!”
  • I don’t have a problem with the IRS targeting conservative groups. If they have nothing to hide, then what’s the big deal? If they do have something to hide, then there should be accountability. This is the conservative group’s opportunity to shine if there is no wrong doings.
  • I think the commissioner was a fine man he did his job with honesty and always tried to do what was right.
  • If they remove anyone it will only be for PR purposes. By removing the scapegoat the WH will think the American people will think the IRS problem has been taken care of and one less problem for them to worry about. What else is going at the IRS.
  • This will have an affect on the entire government.
  • A civil servant will be removed. Politicals will be spared, probably.
  • Get Rid of the IRS. Go to a tiered flat tax.
  • I certainly hope IRS employees will be removed but I doubt it since it is impossible to fire a career employee

Our thanks to all of our users who took the time to share their thoughts in this survey. Feel free to weigh in further in the comments section below.

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Ian Smith is one of the co-founders of FedSmith.com. He has over 20 years of combined experience in media and government services, having worked at two government contracting firms and an online news and web development company prior to his current role at FedSmith.