Gallup: Federal Employees Better Off Financially Than Private Sector Workers

According to new data released by Gallup, federal employees are better off overall in their financial well-being when compared to their counterparts in the private sector.

According to oyees are thriving financially when compared to their counterparts in the private sector.

According to the results, which are based on more than 80,000 interviews conducted with U.S. adults, aged 18 and older, who were employed full time from Feb. 16, 2014-Feb. 15, 44% of federal employees were “thriving” in their financial well being compared to just 34% of all other U.S. workers.

Gallup defines “thriving” as well-being that is strong and consistent. It noted in the results that financial well-being is not a direct report of salary, benefits or overall compensation, but rather, it is “a composite of responses to the perceptions of standards of living, affordability of basic necessities and financial woes based on region of country, family size, cost of living, debt and various other factors that go into subjective assessments of financial situations.”

For more details, see the full write up of the Gallup survey: U.S. Federal Employment Related to Higher Financial Well-Being.

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