One Lawmaker Doesn’t Want Feds to Get Paid Twice During Furloughs

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By on May 29, 2015 in Pay & Benefits with 0 Comments
Congressman Kevin Brady

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX)

Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) recently introduced legislation to make it clear that Federal employees who receive back pay for a period during which they are furloughed due to a lapse in appropriations may not also receive unemployment compensation for the same period.

The Furloughed Federal Employee Double Dip Elimination Act (H. R. 2512) was introduced on May 21.

The language of the bill states:

The rules and regulations shall include provisions to ensure that, in the case of a Federal employee who receives back pay for a period during which such employee was furloughed due to a lapse in appropriations—

  1. such back pay shall be treated in the same way as Federal wages attributable to such employee; and
  2. the period to which such back pay relates shall be treated in the same way as a period of Federal service attributable to such employee.

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