List of Presidential Candidates Has Narrowed: Who Do You Support?

The 2016 presidential election season continues to pick up steam as the field of candidates has narrowed considerably after the first few rounds of state primaries. Which candidate would you prefer to see as the nominee for president in 2016?

The 2016 presidential election continues to pick up steam as the year progresses. Many candidates have now dropped out of the race and the field has narrowed considerably since it began late last year.

While Donald Trump has maintained a lead on the Republican side, it has narrowed as Ted Cruz has gained after the first few months of primaries. On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton’s lead has narrowed considerably as Bernie Sanders has picked up big wins in some of the more recent primaries such as Michigan and Wisconsin (the latest USA Today poll tracking shows Clinton and Sanders nearly deadlocked).

Federal employees tend to vote in high numbers, pay close attention to the candidates and the issues that matter to them and, of course, are impacted by the results of a national election both as an American citizen and also in their employment as a federal worker.

Which candidate do you support at this point in the presidential race? The survey is now closed; you can see the results here.

In the comments section below, readers are invited to express their views on what you consider to be the most important issue(s) in this election and why you favor one candidate over the others.

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