OPM Proposes Canceling Various Job Classifications

OPM has proposed eliminating a number of job classifications due to a lack of federal employees who currently hold jobs within them.

The Office of Personnel Management said in a recent memo that it was proposing the elimination of several job classifications for occupational series that are getting little use across federal agencies.

The occupation series up for elimination are:

White Collar Occupations

  • 0357-Coding
  • 0593-Insurance Accounts
  • 0625-Autopsy Assistant
  • 0637-Manual Arts Therapist
  • 0639-Educational Therapist
  • 0650-Medical Technical Assistant Series
  • 1021-Office Drafting
  • 1046-Language Clerical
  • 1051-Music Specialist
  • 1054-Theater Specialist
  • 1056-Art Specialist
  • 1210-Copyright Series
  • 1380-Forest Products Technology
  • 1386-Photographic Technology
  • 1540-Cryptography
  • 2135-Transportation Loss and Damage Claims Examining

Trades, Craft, and Labor Occupations

  • 3515-Laboratory Support Working
  • 3546-Railroad Repairing
  • 3605-Plastering
  • 3727-Buffing and Polishing
  • 3858-Metal Tank and Radiator Repairing
  • 3872-Metal Tube Making, Installing, and Repairing
  • 3910-Motion Picture Projection
  • 4413-Negative Engraving
  • 4414-Offset Photography
  • 4449-Electrolytic Intaglio Platemaking
  • 4616-Patternmaking
  • 4807-Chemical Equipment Repairing
  • 4819-Bowling Equipment Repairing
  • 4855-Domestic Appliance Repairing
  • 5022-Farming
  • 5310-Kitchen/Bakery Equipment Repairing
  • 5323-Oiling and Greasing
  • 5427-Chemical Plant Operating
  • 5439-Testing Equipment Operating
  • 6517-Explosives Test Operating
  • 7405-Bartending
  • 7420-Waiter
  • 9003-Film Assembling and Repairing
  • 9004-Motion Picture Developing/Printing Machine Operating

OPM said that these series have approximately 25 or fewer current employees government-wide, and the work covered can be classified to other existing occupational series. OPM noted that it was not proposing to cancel occupational series whose work is so specialized that it is not classifiable to any other series or which have individual occupational qualification requirements.

Comments or questions on the proposal and suggestions for additional series cancellations should be sent to fedclass@opm.gov by Friday, January 6, 2017. OPM will notify agencies of final decisions and will provide guidance on reclassifying affected positions.

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