OPM Announces Cancellation of 21 Occupations

OPM has announced that 21 occupational series will be cancelled and reclassified due to having too few federal employees within them.

Last November, the Office of Personnel Management proposed eliminating various occupation categories due to have 25 or fewer employees in them. OPM said that the work can be reclassified into other existing categories.

Agencies were invited to submit comments on the proposal and had until January 6, 2017 to do so.

Based on the comments received, OPM has released the list of occupations that will be cancelled. The full list is included in a copy of the announcement below.

OPM said that reclassification actions must be completed within 12 months, and these occupational series will be dropped from the pay tables on March 1, 2018.

Cancellation of Occupational Series

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