OMB Issues Agency Guidance on ‘Buy American’ EO

The Office of Management and Budget has provided guidance to agency heads on complying with the Trump administration’s “Buy American” executive order.

The Office of Management and Budget recently issued guidance for federal agencies on implementation of President Trump’s Buy American and Hire American executive order.

The memorandum states:

This memorandum provides guidance to agencies to help the Federal Government maximize, consistent with law, the policy and the statutory mandate to buy domestically manufactured products in its contracts and grants, and minimize use of exceptions and waivers, so that the Federal Government may optimize the positive impact of these laws for the betterment of United States citizens and taxpayers.

The OMB guidance directs agencies to conduct an analysis and prepare a report per the requirements laid out in section 3 of the guidance memorandum. The report is due to OMB by September 15, 2017.

According to OMB, agency heads must state in the report an assessment of their compliance with Buy American Laws, including use of exceptions and waivers and also develop and propose policies to maximize use of material produced in the United States to comply with the executive order.

A copy of the OMB memo is included below.

OMB Guidance Re: Buy American Executive Order

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