Many Federal Employees Should See Pay Raise in Upcoming Checks

A recent announcement says that many federal employees will see the retroactive pay raise in their next paychecks.

Many federal employees should see the 2019 pay raise with the full retroactive amount in their upcoming paychecks according to an announcement from the USDA’s National Finance Center.

The announcement says that “most employees will see their salary increase in pay period (PP) 07, with retroactive funds included back to PP01.” Pay period 07 wrapped up on April 14 according to NFC’s 2019 pay period calendar.

The announcement also notes that some federal employees “will receive their salary increase for PP07, without the retroactive funds included, as authorized by their Agency.”

Other employees could see delays if there are “intervening personnel actions” from the previous pay periods this year “such as but not limited to Within Grade Increase, Promotion, etc.”

According to NFC’s website, it services over 170 agencies and provides payroll services to over 650,000 federal employees.

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