2020 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Delayed (Again)

July 10, 2020 2:43 PM
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The Office of Personnel Management has announced another delay in administering this year’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

According to an announcement from OPM, the survey will has been postponed from Monday, July 13 to Monday, September 14, with a six-week fielding period for each agency. The survey was previously delayed because of the coronavirus and is normally administered in May.

OPM said in the announcement that the latest delay is being done “to support your critical agency missions as well as maximize employee participation in the survey.”

This year’s survey is also planned to have questions about the COVID-19 coronavirus. OPM said the 2020 FEVS will feature “questions that allow identification of ways in which employees continued to achieve missions in the face of an unprecedented pandemic.”

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