OPM Releases Supplementary Materials for Upcoming Paid Parental Leave Benefit

OPM has released some additional guidance documents about the new paid parental leave benefit.

Now that the Office of Personnel Management has issued interim regulations to implement the new paid parental leave benefit for federal employees, it is following up by providing some additional materials as it begins to finalize and formalize the new benefit before it fully goes into effect on October 1.

OPM released some documents with information about the new paid parental leave benefit. Those were:

  • A summary of how the new benefit works, who qualifies and when it can be used
  • A template document for requesting paid parental leave
  • A template document for the paid parental leave work obligation
  • Examples of supporting documentation required to use paid parental leave

The document that may be of most interest is the summary document about the benefit and how/when it can be used. The interim final rule that OPM published is quite lengthy, so seeing a quick summary with the important highlights will likely be helpful for many federal employees who want to know the basic information.

OPM said that federal employees should contact their local human resources offices for additional details about the new benefit or how to go about utilizing it when it goes into effect.

Summary of Paid Parental Leave Key Features

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