Proposed TSP Changes: For Better or Worse?

Are recent proposals to change the TSP beneficial? Take this survey and express your opinion.

More than 94% of federal employees under FERS participate in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Those under CSRS are a much smaller group and the TSP is a smaller and generally less significant portion of their retirement income. But, even for CSRS participants, more than 76% participate in the TSP.

Various proposals are being made to change the TSP. One proposal is to expand the TSP program to millions of Americans and to provide a government match to create more wealth in the country—especially among those with a lower income.

Another proposal is to divest fossil fuels from TSP investments, either through new legislation or through executive action. Various other proposals have been made over time to modify the TSP.

Prior attempts to use the TSP to advance social change or political objectives have included:

What do federal employees think of proposals of this nature? Would recent proposals for the TSP win your approval or would you rather leave the existing structure in place?

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