Survey: Should Federal Employees Have a COVID Vaccination Requirement?

A new vaccination requirement is apparently coming for the federal workforce. What is your opinion? Take this survey and share your feedback.

The Biden Administration announced new COVID-19 vaccination requirements for all federal employees and contractors this week.

The new requirement will require all federal employees and contractors to either get fully vaccinated against COVID or be “required to wear a mask on the job no matter their geographic location, physically distance from all other employees and visitors, comply with a weekly or twice weekly screening testing requirement, and be subject to restrictions on official travel.”

The Justice Department recently said in a legal opinion that vaccine mandates from public agencies and private companies are legal. However, that doesn’t mean that employees have to get a vaccination; some have chosen to quit instead; others were fired.

How do FedSmith readers, most of whom are federal employees, feel about a new vaccination requirement?

The survey is now closed. You can read the results in this article: FedSmith Readers Oppose a Vaccine Requirement. Our thanks to everyone for taking the time to share their feedback in the survey!

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