New (Significant) Financial Benefits From an Old Program (For CSRS and CSRS-Offset Employees Only)

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In the past, many CSRS employees have been excluded from contributing to a Roth due to their income level. Here is information about a program that provides a way for CSRS and CSRS-Offset employees to get large sums into a Roth IRA.

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The Polar Bear Club and Federal Retirement

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More and more studies show that people who ease their way into retirement report greater satisfaction with their transition into retirement.

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Nearing Retirement? You Probably Have Reason to be Thankful

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Nearing retirement? You are probably in the CSRS. Be thankful; you are in a system that is a remnant of America’s golden economic age.

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4.1%! Fed Retirees Can Look Forward to Bigger Than Expected Increase

By on October 14, 2005 in Retirement with 0 Comments

Many federal retirees can look forward to a larger than expected increase in their annuity check in January 2006.

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Retiring? Think About This!!

By on August 2, 2005 in Retirement with 0 Comments

What are the considerations in deciding when to retire? Should you wait until the end of the year? Which year? Which month? Here is an explanation of some major factors to consider in your decision.

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Sick Leave, Retirement Annuities, and CSRS Employees

By on October 1, 2004 in Retirement with 0 Comments

CSRS employees get credit for unused sick leave when they retire which can create confusion for employees under FERS.

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