Is Pay for Performance Coming?

Financial chart labeled 'performance' sitting on a desk next to cash and a calculator depicting pay for performance

Is pay for performance coming anytime soon to government? The author is doubtful despite saying that he thinks such a system could work if done correctly.

Government Pay System for the 21st Century, Part I

The author says that the General Schedule pay system has some positive attributes that have helped it last for as long as it has, but he makes recommendations for a new government pay system to attract and retain federal employees.

NSPS and Your 2009 Pay Raise

We know that the average federal employee will receive a raise of 3.9% in 2008 and federal retirees will get a COLA of as much as 5.8%. What about employees under NSPS? Many NSPS employees in the Washington, DC area will get a higher raise than those under the GS system.

Federal Appeals Court Reverses NSPS Ruling

The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has just issued a decision that gives DoD approval to proceed with the new labor relations structure by overturning a ruling of a lower court.

Don’t Want NSPS? Join A Union!

As NSPS is challenged in court, DoD is moving out by scrupulously avoiding unionized employees. This gives thousands of DoD professionals a way out–they can form a bargaining unit.