Maximum Earnings Limitations on Federal Pay

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There are statutory provisions that can cause your pay to be much less than you expect after you’ve worked overtime or other premium hours, such as work at night, on a holiday or on a Sunday. The author explains how these work.

When Should I Receive Comp Time Rather Than Overtime?

My supervisor has deemed that GS-09 and GS-11 positions are not eligible for overtime pay and has been providing only comp time for overtime worked. We believe this is incorrect. Do you have any information that will tell us when it’s proper to receive comp time and when overtime pay should be paid?

Do FLSA Exempt Employees Get Overtime?

You indicated that an employee cannot receive comp time for the additional hours worked when on TDY unless it is scheduled 30 days in advance in which case the only compensation that can be received is overtime pay. If the employee is exempt, why can he receive overtime pay at all?