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Your Financial Future: Your Federal Employee Benefits and the Deficit Commission Recommendations

By on January 7, 2011 in Pay & Benefits with 0 Comments

The deficit commission has made a number of recommendations that may impact your pay and benefits as a federal employee. Here is what we know, what we do not know, and why it is your best interests to pay close attention to these changes.

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President Signs Continuing Resolution With Federal Employee Pay Freeze Intact

By on December 22, 2010 in Current Events with 0 Comments

President Obama has signed the bill that continues funding of the federal government through March 4th and institutes the two-year federal pay freeze.

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Another (More Substantive) Pay Freeze for Federal Employees In the Congressional Pipeline?

By on December 8, 2010 in Pay & Benefits with 0 Comments

A two-year freeze in federal employee is not a serious effort to cut back on federal spending. That, at least, summarizes the view of one Congressman who would like Congress and the administration to take a harder look at the federal workforce and how to save money.

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Federal Employee Pay Freeze as a Political Symbol

By on November 30, 2010 in Pay & Benefits with 0 Comments

President Obama has proposed a two-year pay freeze for federal employees. While the freeze will impact most readers, the action may be more important as to what may be in store for federal agencies and federal employee benefits in the future.

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President Obama Proposes Freeze on Federal Civilian Employee Pay for 2 Years

By on November 29, 2010 in Pay & Benefits with 0 Comments

President Obama will announce a 2 year freeze on federal employee pay to affect all civilian employees.

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Freezing Federal Employees Salaries: Time to Be ‘Part of the Deal?’

By on May 27, 2010 in Pay & Benefits with 0 Comments

As the federal budget deficit soars to new heights, political pressure is building during this election year to cut back on spending. Where will the cuts be made–if they are made at all? A new proposal would freeze federal employees salaries in 2011.

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No Pay Freeze in Deficit Reduction Package Passed in Senate

By on November 7, 2005 in Pay & Benefits with 0 Comments

The Senate has passed a deficit reduction package that does not include a pay freeze for federal employees for 2006.

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe! New Move in Senate to Freeze Feds’ 2006 Raise

By on October 27, 2005 in Pay & Benefits with 0 Comments

A “Fiscal Watch Team” has been formed in the Senate to cut back on government spending. One target: The 2006 pay raise for federal employees.

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