Options for Federal Employees Who Need Money

Some federal employees are borrowing money from their Thrift Savings Plan. That provides a great interest rate but there are disadvantages that could impact your future retirement income. If you need a loan, or want to loan money as an investment, there may be another alternative as federal employees are often a good credit risk.

Satisfying America’s Creditors: Issuing More TIPS to Soothe China’s Concerns

The federal debt is increasing rapidly. America’s creditors are nervous about getting their money back and the potential impact of inflation. The Treasury Department is trying to reassure investors as the government prepares to borrow another $406 billion in the next quarter. Federal employees have an investment alternative not available to the general public.

TSP Funds Up Five Months in a Row

The index that is used as the basis for the Thrift Savings Plan’s C fund has had its best five-month run since 1938. TSP funds are up for the month and also up substantially for the year as well. That is good news but also consider the performance of your funds over the past twelve months as well.