TSP Stock Funds Plunge in November

What is a market “correction?” Are we in a bear market now or do the November TSP prices reflect a correction in a market that may still be going up? The value of the TSP stock funds followed the overall stock market and prices dropped in November. Your long term gains are still intact but here are some facts that should make you take a close look at your TSP funds.

Winners and Losers: Frequent TSP Trading, Balancing LifeCycle Funds and Money

Recent articles have generated considerable discussion on the site about the cost incurred by those who try to time the market with frequent buying and selling of their TSP funds. A few readers contend that it costs the TSP considerably more to balance the lifecycle funds than the costs incurred by those trading frequently. Does anyone know the actual costs of the lifecycle fund rebalancing and how do these costs compare to the costs created by those frequently trading the I fund?

Market Timing and Your TSP

Imposing restrictions on frequent trades in the TSP has generated numerous comments and frequent expressions of outrage from readers. Some readers give examples of how they have made considerable amounts of money with their frequent trading. Should everyone be trying to time the market with their future retirement funds?

Traders Taking Bite From TSP Returns

Out of a few million Thrift Savings Plan participants, there are several thousand who trade their funds on a frequent basis. This activity is costing a few million dollars a year in additional expenses. The TSP is considering a recommendation to limit the number of TSP trades that a participant could make during a month.