Vice President and Congress Getting Raises Too

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An executive order was issued Thursday which will make the end to the pay freeze for the federal workforce official in the spring. But federal employees aren’t the only ones who are getting a pay raise from the deal – VP Biden and members of Congress will see salary increases also. The increases will be effective on the first day of the first applicable pay period beginning after March 27, 2013.

Who is the winner among them? Joe Biden will see a 2.83% pay increase when his annual salary goes from $225,521 last year to $231,900 after the increase takes effect.

Members of Congress will see a 0.5% increase (the same as civilian federal employees) when their annual salaries go from $174,000 (the 2012 annual salary) to $174,900. Just like the federal workforce, Congress has been under a pay freeze since 2010.

The complete list of the new salaries for the vice president and Congress as reported by OPM is included below.

Vice President $231,900
Senators $174,900
Members of the House of Representatives $174,900
Delegates to the House of Representatives $174,900
Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico $174,900
President pro tempore of the Senate $194,400
Majority leader and minority leader of the Senate $194,400
Majority leader and minority leader of the House of Representatives $194,400
Speaker of the House of Representatives $224,600

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  1. Fedworker says:

    They all need to be given a furlough.

  2. Fedworker says:

    The people shouldn’t see a raise in pay, if anything they should be getting a reduction.  Pay should be based upon what they have accomplished, not what they fouled up.  This is the same reasoning and thought process given to the Wall Street bail-out businesses.  Give them money without strings and they get stupid.  Do something worthwhile…um like come to an agreement on the debt crisis….and being a crybaby is not a decision.

  3. Junebugfarm says:

    Oh Goodie! I was so worried about them.   ?   Now IF they would just EARN IT!!!!!  We still have to worry about the debt ceiling and I don’t hear much about them working on it.  Republicans/Democrats/President are like the worst disfunctional family you could ever meet. They couldn’t reach an agreemnt on anything!  Maybe we should send a team of physciatrists to DC.

  4. Unhappy citizen says:

    Now I see how to get a raise….. Don’t pass a budget for 4 years, don’t do your work, argue at every available opportunity`, take a lot of time off, tell everyone how hard you work for them and the party!  Don’t forget the party….I thought our government was suppose to be for the people and by the people…..not for the party and by the party.  I love my job and what I do but I am definately fed up with our political system. 

  5. Claudia4799 says:

    Let’s show Congress that the we do not approve their unwillingness to put the American people’s interests ahead of their party’s interests. We’re tired of Congress’ lack of accountability and irresponsibility. Click to take action, then share widely!

  6. Sakow says:

    As a newer federal employee (been in 5yrs) and a member of the Generation Y (born 1982-2000), I’m frightened by the dismal prospects of my future as a civilian employee. Like many of my peers, I joined my agency because I believed the work I was doing would actually impact the general public for the better. Unfortunately, due to economic issues, budget cuts, political posturing, and things largely beyond our control, etc, it seems it all boils down to money, and not what is good for the American people. I used to believe in what I do. Now I’m debating whether to jump ship and go back to the private sector or stay with government and sink.

  7. procurement officer says:

    Unlike the members of Congress and the Senate, the federal workforce actually did something in 2012 to deserve their raise.  The lawmakers should feel ashame for accepting their raise, but the won’t.

  8. ncomplus says:

    We should be paying congress on their performance!  Then maybe they would do some real work for our country, instead of tearing our country down.  I feel they should fall under the same rules and standards that we do.  They need to be cutting their pay not giving themselves a pay raise.

  9. Jim H. says:

    We should be paying Congress on their performance!  Not letting them give themselves a freaking raise.  

    If that was the case, and we were paying them on their performance they might get something done, instead the president is taking vacations to Hawaii on tax payers dime and giving out raises that are undeserved.  He needs to be giving the soldiers on active duty substantial  raises, not congress.  

    Boy, this president is running our government and country into the ground, while we just standby and watch it happening.

  10. Aquarod says:

    I never got a raise for doing the minimum, and these clowns can’t even do that!  But the good ole President said they had done the minimum, so they deserve a raise?  Isn’t it time we got something for our money?  

  11. Badwsa04 says:

    Vice President and Congress are getting a raise??? What have they done to deserve anything but to be fired for their poor performance. After all, they are the ones that got us into the mess in the first place. Is there anyone in Washington with accounting skills??? NO BUDGET EQUALS NO PAY….YOU ARE NOT DOING THE JOB YOU ARE BEING PAID TO DO!!!

    Maybe we just need to go over the fiscal cliff, to start over from ground zero and thoroughly clean house in Washington and our Federal government. The greed and power grab in Washington DC is at an all time high, leaving fewer and fewer citizens to take up the slack when their wealth is spread to the undeserving. What will be the “straw” that breaks the camel’s back?

    The fair tax would remove power from the Washington greed and power hungry and reset the balance that is much needed today to save our country.

     I ask all….How would you like to receive a paycheck that did not have taxes withheld? Taxes would come in the form of consumption…if you purchased an item, you would pay taxes at that time. More consumption equals more taxes. If you purchase food, clothes, recreation items, etc., you would pay taxes on those items… would not be withheld from your paychecks.  EVERYONE would then pay their FAIR SHARE. Bust most important of all, power would be transferred AWAY from Washington and BACK TO THE PEOPLE that rightfully deserve more than they are receiving from our elected officials.

    WASHINGTON DC elected officials:  You all need to start looking for jobs in the private sector. You will be held accountable there!!!

  12. Pamcats2 says:

    This is not even worth a comment!  It is a very sickening matter.

  13. Bsanland says:

    Vice President and Congress getting pay raises??? Why??? What have they done to deserve one??? I guess this is just more of “spread the wealth around”. Maybe we just need to go over the fiscal cliff and in the process get rid of all Federal government policymakers, etc. and start all over again. 

    The fair tax program would do away with the power hungry, greedy vultures roosting in Washington!!!It is time to get back to basics…..starting at ground zero. Our forefathers would be up in arms over what is happening to our country.

    • Manager says:

      You could ask the same question about the federal workforce…

      • midwest says:

        I don’t know what part of the federal workforce you deal with, but it sounds like the legislative branch. The majority of the federal workforce is keeping your country, food, money, or servicemembers safe.

      • midwestpatriot says:

        I don’t know who you deal with in the federal workforce, perhaps the legislative branch? The majority of the federal workforce works very hard to provide for the servicemembers and keep the country, food, and money safe.

  14. Shadow554 says:

    How can he pay for the pay raise.  Can an executive order appropriate the necessary funds?

  15. JCR69 says:

    The question often asked is, “What is wrong with America”.  Simple answer is, Congress.  Most are no longer trusted to represent this country in an effective manner because they do as they please, not what the voter wants.  No Pay Raise and No Pay until they all can come together  and provide this country with an acceptable budget and live by it.  No lobbists, no kickbacks, stop sending morey to countries who could care less about America, pork for their respective state, etc.  Come to work for those you represent and stop breaking the backs of the honest worker in America. 

    • $15300432 says:

      No its a president who has started class warfare as well as ethnic war. Its the same tactics that another socialist used in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s

    • Grumpy says:

      No, “whats wrong with America” are the citizens. We spend out time and effort complaining about the “Democrats” or the “Republicans” not doing the right thing. 50% of the citizens want a free ride, and 50% want fairness…neither has the time or balls to do more than complain. Those that do are never reported or are found in the “obits” under natural causes.  Everyone is waiting for a leader…we’re so fragmented and so hateful only a fool would want to try to lead us.  Want to stop Congress…how about a nationwide strike on April 15th. Everybody adjusts their W-2’s to reflect 99 deductions. No money, no Congress.
      What we learned in the 1960’s about “civil disobidience” is there aren’t enough jails to hold everyone, we hang together instead of allowing the elite to hang us one by one.  But, that would require what most Americans have never had…the guts of their founding fathers. They pledged their fortunes, honor, and lives to an idea …an idea called  America, and they made the English eat it.
      Just about time to grow a pair, when the money runs out and the takers in society find themselves cold and hungary…

  16. Marie Corcoran says:

    So that’s why they’re telling us there’s a fiscal cliff, they need the money to pay for their lack of work – first taking time off during the holiday when they said the cliff is one of the most important issues and now getting a raise for doing absolutely nothing for the American people! This is why they’re looking to raise our taxes. They need a pay CUT not an increase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mewakwhd says:

    Biden should get no more than anyone else!!!! Doesn’t he make enough as it is, plus all of his other perks and speaking engagements. Isn’t he a millionaire.

  18. Guest666 says:

    And why are the clowns who are putting us in a precarious postion on said fiscal cliff even considering taking the raise, however modest. Neither elected leader in the WH nor Congress should take any salary until this fiscal cliff is averted.

  19. guest666 says:

    Why are we getting a pay raise now? More government spending in advance of some fiscal cliff agreement? Saving face with a modest pay raise just before we get socked with a significant salary loss if the fiscal cliff isn’t averted? I think I can go one more year to help the economy rebound so long as the savings from withheld raises and temporary tax increases aren’t recalculated as additional government expenditures.

    • TheRealOldFed says:

      I have a sinking feeling this little 0.5 percent raise will be used “in trade” for us paying more into our retirement. The much-vaunted “Plan B” contained a little-noticed provision that required all current Federal employees, CSRS and FERS, to pay an additional 5 percent into our retirement plans. I think that’s what is coming. I can retire in January, but was holding out for 4 or 5 more to get my percentage up to where I want it. The additional 5 percent was going to be phased in 1 percent more each year for the next 5 years. So by the time I retire, we will be up the whole 5 more percent in contributions.

    • Joseph Russo says:

      I am shocked and embarrassed that raises are given to VP and representatives of house and senate.  When it takes so, so, so long to manage a “fiscal cliff” and then claim victory.  These people are paid for the time they work daily so results happening on last day or slightly past is insulting.  If you were in private sector of major corporation would your boss welcome raises seeing it took you so long to come to a decision?

  20. Rainy098 says:

    They should get the same furlough that any other federal employee gets! 

  21. Eagle1 says:

    Dumbo Biden surely needs a raise!

  22. Andy McNellis says:

    The judiciary is still under a hiring freeze and is not included in the Executive Order. There is a class action lawsuit filed by federal judges to raise their salaries. Federal judges are still being paid the same salary since 1970. Law School graduates who pass the bar will begin their careers with the same salary as a federal judge who has practiced law for over a decade and has sat on the bench for several decades. Their caseload consists of criminal, civil, bankruptcy, patent, product liability, personal injury etc. There are over 90 different types of civil cases that are managed and heard by federal judges. Their colleagues over the northern border of the U.S. are paid $65,000 more per year. The salary prevents counsel from applying for a federal judgeship. If you want a larger pool and more talent, the salary must be increased. The third branch of the government was not included in the Executive Order.

    • wombat1951 says:

      Took 30 secs to learn that your post was a pack of lies.  First one:  “paid same salary since 1970”.   Simply untrue.

      What the complaint is WRT judges compensation is that they have not benefited from annual COLAs for a long time — this is what the class action suit is about.   And the suit has merit. 

      Judges are well paid:   As of January 2010, federal district judges were paid $174,000 a year, circuit judges $184,500, Associate Judges of Supreme Court $213,900 and the Chief Justice $223,500.

      You can make an argument that these salaries are not appropriate or sufficient for the responsibilities.   And the fact that Canadian judges are paid more has more to do with the recent decline of the US$ to the Canadian$ in recent years [it’s now about 1 for 1].

      But if you are going to advocate for better compensation for Federal judges, please try to be more accurate and relevent in your post.

    • Ross200 says:

      Federal Judges need to sacrifice like all other Federal Workers.