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John Grobe is President of Federal Career Experts, a consulting firm that specializes in federal retirement and career transition issues. He is also affiliated with TSP Safety Net. John retired from federal service after 25 years of progressively more responsible human resources positions. He is the author of Understanding the Federal Retirement Systems and Career Transition: A Guide for Federal Employees, both published by the Federal Management Institute. Federal Career Experts provides pre-retirement seminars for a wide variety of federal agencies.

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Will You Have an Extra Pay Day in 2015?

Filed in News by on December 10, 2014 Comments

Does DFAS handle your agency’s payroll? If so, you may find yourself with an extra pay day next year.

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Commercial Financial Advice on TSP Investing

Filed in News by on December 4, 2014 Comments

The author discusses various TSP “allocation services” for TSP participants who want assistance with their investment strategy.

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Worried About Cuts to Your Federal Benefits? Don’t Panic!

Filed in News by on November 30, 2014 Comments

In response to a recent CBO report that recommends various cuts to federal employee benefits, the author advises federal workers not to panic about these recommendations and explains why he thinks they are unlikely to materialize.

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Can You Trust Your Financial Planner?

Filed in News by on November 24, 2014 Comments

The author lists some important questions you should ask a financial planner to know if he or she is right for helping you with your financial future.

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Using an IDP for Your Career Move

Filed in News by on September 24, 2014 Comments

Individual Development Plans are designed for use by managers and employees to identify developmental assignments and training to enhance an employee’s performance and potential for promotion. If used correctly, this can be an effective tool for your career advancement.

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Your TSP: Roll It Over or Leave It?

Filed in News by on August 18, 2014 Comments

When you retire, you will be faced with many choices as to what to do with your Thrift Savings Plan investments. This article considers the choice of leaving your money in the TSP or transferring it into an IRA.

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Questions You Should Ask About Your Investments

Filed in News by on July 9, 2014 Comments

The Securities and Exchange Commission offers a brochure that is helpful when choosing a financial advisor as well as helping you understand your investments.

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What Every Federal Employee’s Financial Planner Should Know About Federal Retirement and Benefits

Filed in News by on June 25, 2014 Comments

Federal employees have some unique features to their financial lives. The author looks at some key elements your financial planner must know to guide you effectively.

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