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John Grobe is President of Federal Career Experts, a consulting firm that specializes in federal retirement and career transition issues. He is also affiliated with TSP Safety Net. John retired from federal service after 25 years of progressively more responsible human resources positions. He is the author of Understanding the Federal Retirement Systems and Career Transition: A Guide for Federal Employees, both published by the Federal Management Institute. Federal Career Experts provides pre-retirement seminars for a wide variety of federal agencies.

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The FEHB Five Year Requirement and Your Spouse

Filed in News by on November 15, 2015 Comments

In this follow up to his article on the FEHB and the five year requirement, author John Grobe provides clarification based on questions he received from readers asking if the five year requirement also applies to a federal employee’s spouse.

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OPM Announces Changes to Long Term Insurance for Opposite Sex Partners

Filed in News by on November 8, 2015 Comments

Expanded eligibility has been announced for applying for coverage under the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP). The change will be effective on November 30th.

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Medicare If You Work Past the Age of 65

Filed in News by on October 25, 2015 Comments

An individual who reaches the age of 65 becomes eligible for Medicare. However, if at the time they become eligible for Medicare, they are working at a job that provides them with health insurance, they will not be subject to the 10% Medicare Part B late enrollment if they enroll in Medicare Part B later than age of 65, as long as they enroll within the eight months after they retire.

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Deposits and Re-Deposits Under FERS

Filed in News by on September 28, 2015 Comments

OPM calls temporary time and other time for which retirement deductions were not taken “deposit service”. Under FERS, deposit service will not count for either your eligibility to retire or in the computation of your annuity unless you make a deposit. The author provides examples of both deposit and re-deposit service to illustrate the impact they have on your pension.

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What Happens to Your TSP Loan When You Leave Federal Service?

Filed in News by on September 7, 2015 Comments

It is not uncommon for an employee to separate from federal service with an outstanding TSP loan. What happens to your loan when you retire or otherwise separate from federal service?

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FEHB and the Five Year Requirement

Filed in News by on August 25, 2015 Comments

Most federal employees are aware that, in order to carry your FEHB into retirement, you have to have been enrolled for the five-year period immediately preceding retirement (with few exceptions). There is generally a great advantage in being able to carry your FEHB into retirement, but there are some things to keep in mind in order to be able to do this.

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What Happens to Your Federal Benefits If You Leave Your Job Before You Retire?

Filed in News by on August 4, 2015 Comments

Many federal employees consider leaving their positions for various reasons. The author provides a summary of what you can expect to happen to your benefits should you leave your job before retiring.

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What Happens to Your Benefits if You Die While Still Working?

Filed in News by on July 13, 2015 Comments

While the subject is one most of us would rather not ponder, it is helpful to know what will happen to your federal benefits should you die while still employed in your federal job.

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