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FedSmith.com Users Say Working for Government Isn’t ‘Cool’

Filed in News by on July 7, 2014

We asked our users in a recent survey if they thought that President Obama had fulfilled his promise to “make government service cool.” The overwhelming majority of respondents said they did not think working for government was “cool.”

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Did the IRS Purposely Destroy Email on Targeting of Conservative Groups?

Filed in News by on July 2, 2014

Does the public think that the Internal Revenue Service purposely destroyed email regarding the targeting of conservative groups? What do you think? Express your opinion in this survey.

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Majority of FedSmith.com Users Would Be Happy With a 3.3% Pay Raise

Filed in Headline Archives, News by on June 10, 2014

We asked and you spoke: The majority of FedSmith.com users say a 3.3% pay increase for 2015 would be fair.

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69% of Survey Respondents Say Official Time Reduces Efficiency or Wastes Government Resources

Filed in News by on June 9, 2014

A new survey of some 2100 readers found than 69% think the federal government paying federal employees to represent unions “decreases agency efficiency” or “is a waste of agency funds”.

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FedSmith.com Users Overwhelmingly Reject Use of Private Tax Collectors

Filed in News by on June 4, 2014

Should the IRS be using private tax collection firms? FedSmith.com users resoundingly said “no” in a recent survey.

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FedSmith.com Users Favor Inclusion of Obesity Drugs in FEHB

Filed in News by on April 15, 2014

The Office of Personnel Management recently announced it was not permissible for insurance carriers to exclude obesity drugs under FEHB on the basis that obesity is a lifestyle condition. We asked our users what their thoughts were about this and the majority of responses indicate that the prospect of having coverage for obesity drugs would be a welcome change.

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FedSmith.com Users Think 4% Pay Raise is Fair

Filed in News by on March 6, 2014

In a recent survey, we asked our users what size pay raise in 2015 would be fair. The majority of respondents said that they thought 4% would be appropriate.

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FedSmith.com Users Say Country is Moving in the Wrong Direction

Filed in News by on February 9, 2014

FedSmith.com users said in a recent survey that they believe the United States is currently moving in the wrong direction and generally disapproved of the president’s performance during his tenure so far in office.

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