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Lawmakers Want the Government to Stop Paying Dead People

Filed in Headlines, News by on April 23, 2015 Comments

Lawmakers in both the House and Senate have introduced legislation that would simplify the process for identifying people who have died and cutting off the flow of federal benefits to them.

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Legislation Would Make It Easier to Fire VA Employees

Filed in Headlines, News by on April 23, 2015 Comments

Congressman Jeff Miller (F-FL) is introducing legislation that would give the Department of Veterans Affairs secretary sweeping new authority to fire corrupt or incompetent employees for cause.

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House Fails to Pass Bill That Would Fire Tax Delinquent Federal Workers

Filed in News by on April 16, 2015 Comments

The House failed Wednesday to pass legislation that would prohibit federal employees with delinquent taxes from remaining on the job.

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Federal Employees Collectively Owe Over $3.5 Billion in Taxes

Filed in News by on March 24, 2015 Comments

A new report from the IRS shows that current and former federal employees collectively owe $3,539,203,480 in unpaid taxes as of the end of FY 2014.

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GOP Budget Calls for Increased Retirement Contributions

Filed in News by on March 17, 2015 Comments

The House of Representatives Budget Committee released its FY 2016 budget proposal today. Although it offers no specifics, the proposal calls for requiring federal employees and Members of Congress to make greater contributions towards their retirement programs.

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Bill Would Cut Pay for Top Earning Federal Employees

Filed in News by on March 11, 2015 Comments

Legislation has been introduced that would cut the pay of federal workers earning over $100,000 per year and also tie their pay to performance of the overall economy.

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The Early Withdrawal Penalty and Federal Law Enforcement Officers

Filed in News by on March 5, 2015 Comments

Legislation was recently introduced that would make federal Correctional Officers exempt from the 10% early withdrawal penalty that applies when a federal law enforcement officer retires before the age of 55 and withdraws money from their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account.

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Legislation Introduced to Prevent FCC From Overriding State Laws

Filed in News by on February 28, 2015 Comments

In response to the FCC’s decision this past week to regulate Internet service providers more like traditional phone companies, legislation has been introduced to stop the agency from overriding state and local municipal broadband laws.

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