Legislation Introduced to Eliminate DoD Furloughs

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Congressman John Barrow (D-GA) has introduced legislation to exempt civilian Department of Defense (DoD) personnel from furloughs as a result of the automatic cuts in the budget sequester.

H.R. 2613 places civilian DoD employees on the list of exemptions from furloughs, and requires the cuts from those furloughs to be made elsewhere within the DoD budget.

Barrow has also introduced H.R. 2614, legislation which would exempt civilian DoD employees from furloughs if they’ve served on active duty in the Armed Forces on or after the passage of the Budget Control Act.

“I’m not waiting around while Congressional leaders spend all their time blaming each other,” said Barrow. My legislation keeps civilian employees on the job, and forces the DoD to find cuts elsewhere in the budget. It’s responsible, and it’s the kind of solution the folks in the 12th District want.”

The DoD furloughs require 11 days of unpaid leave for civilian workers between now and the end of September.

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