Race, Gender and Workplace Satisfaction

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The Partnership for Public Service and Deloitte released a new study examining how men and women, different racial groups and employees with disabilities view the federal workplace.

Men were more likely than women to report satisfaction with workplace fairness and empowerment. On average, men also reported greater support for diversity by their agencies than women.

Along the lines of race, Asians were the most satisfied overall in areas such as supervisors, empowerment, fairness and senior leaders. Blacks, hispanics and whites all scored roughly in line with one another in these areas.

Employees with disabilities were less satisfied with their workplaces than those without disabilities by a 7.2 point margin. Employees with disabilities had lower satisfaction scores in all of the areas examined including fairness, satisfaction with supervisors and diversity issues.

For more details on the study and a complete scoring breakdown, see the full study: Best Places to Work in the Federal Government: Diversity and Inclusion.

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