How the Air Force Protects Its Employees from Harmful Opinions and Info

When telephones were invented, the federal bureaucracy was flustered: How can federal employees be trusted with this new device? The issue today is the Internet. The regulators in the Air Force trust people to fly and maintain sophisticated technology–but the cyber command is determined to keep personnel from having access to “dangerous information” delivered by the new technology.

AFGE Attacks FLRA General Counsel (GC) Over Proposed Changes

The vast majority of unfair labor practice allegations are filed by unions against agencies. Determining the winner or loser in these cases often depends on getting information and who has the power to get the information. Proposed changes to the regulations have generated a response from the largest federal employee union. Here is a summary and observations from an experienced labor relations professional who worked for several agencies.

The Box and The Road

One solution to a problem is to create a box: a delineation of acceptable behavior and a chance to demonstrate the ability to follow it. If you are a supervisor, do you have the persistence to go down the road of following a solution through to its end after creating the box?