Determining ‘Net Annuity’ and Payments to an Ex

I have contacted some HR folks and have gotten different answers as to how “net annuity” is calculated for what I and my ex have to respectively pay each other when we retire. Are you able to give an authoritative answer that is based on some OPM reference that makes determining net annuity crystal clear?

What Impact Does Unused Sick Leave Have on My Annuity?

I plan on retiring with 42 years and 7 months of service in Jan 2017. I will have accumulated 2500 hours of sick leave balance at time of retirement. I am in CSRS, so I was wondering what the increase in my annuity, expressed as a percentage, above the 80% value, would be due to credit for sick leave.

Impact of LEO ‘Bridge’ on Federal Pension

I was employed in a law enforcement officer position and retired under FERS. I am collecting my annuity and the “bridge.” I have an opportunity to be hired in a non LEO, part time position in the federal government. I understand that the “bridge” will be affected by the earnings amount but will it affect my pension?