How is the FERS Supplement Calculated?

If I retire under FERS with 36 years of service prior to age 66 when I could receive the full Social Security amount, how is the supplement calculated or valued?

Impact of LEO ‘Bridge’ on Federal Pension

I was employed in a law enforcement officer position and retired under FERS. I am collecting my annuity and the “bridge.” I have an opportunity to be hired in a non LEO, part time position in the federal government. I understand that the “bridge” will be affected by the earnings amount but will it affect my pension?

Promotion While On Pay Retention gives examples of GS promotions while on retained pay using the 2 step rule. But how do you calculate a GS promotion step if your retained pay is already well above the amount computed using the 2 step rule?

Was My Personal Information Hacked… Or Not?

I recall reading that federal employees would be notified by June 30 whether or not their personal data had been compromised in the OPM data breaches, and if they received no notice, they could assume they were not compromised. Can you help me locate where I read this and how to determine the status of my personal information?