How is My High-3 Calculated?

I was promoted to a GS-14 position in September of 2012. I plan to retire in September 2015. Will my “High 3” be calculated from September 2015 – September 2015 or from calendar year January 2012 – January 2015?

CSRS Annuity and Divorce Decree

I am under CSRS and thinking about retiring soon. However, I am divorced and my divorce decree has a formula type clause and I don’t know how OPM will apply this formula in determining my annuity. Is there any way to get an estimate from OPM before I retire?

Overtime and Annual Leave

A nursing supervisor requests an RN (Registered Nurse) who is on annual leave to work overtime. The RN agrees to work a day during her annual leave for the overtime as promised by nursing supervisor. Can the nurse be paid overtime in this situation?