2011 COLA Update

If you are a retired federal employee, you may be wondering about a cost of living increase in your check in 2011. For those readers who have sent in this question, here is an answer you may not want to hear.

What Happened to My COLA for 2010?

We have received questions from readers, perhaps because OPM is now distributing its annual “Notice of Annuity Adjustment,” inquiring about why there is no COLA increase for federal retirees in 2010 when the average federal employee is getting a raise.

5.7% for Retirees in 2009? It May Still Go Higher

Here is a reality check for readers. Inflation is alive and well. Federal retirees are on track for an increase of 5.7% next year–with another three months to go before the final figure is known. Federal employees may get an average of 3.9%–or there may be a continuing resolution that would delay finalizing the budget until 2009.

Shutdowns, Furloughs, COLAs, Congress and the 2008 Pay Raise

Congress has gone home even though the Senate says it is still technically open for business. While they may enjoy their time away from DC, their departure leaves open the possibility of furloughs in DoD, funding for most federal agencies still up in the air and uncertainty about the 2008 pay raise for current federal employees. Retirees are set though. Enjoy your holiday.