Was My Personal Information Hacked… Or Not?

I recall reading that federal employees would be notified by June 30 whether or not their personal data had been compromised in the OPM data breaches, and if they received no notice, they could assume they were not compromised. Can you help me locate where I read this and how to determine the status of my personal information?

What’s Next for OPM?

The recent data breaches have put the Office of Personnel Management into a deep hole. The author looks at some deliberate steps he says OPM must take to begin resolving its current predicament and eventually emerge as a better and more effective agency.

AFGE Bashes OPM in Full Page Print Ad

OPM’s “fan club” continues to grow in the wake of the two recent data breaches that hit the agency’s computer systems which left the personal data of nearly 26 million individuals exposed.

The American Federation of Government Employees took out a full page ad in Politico in which it said the Office of Personnel Management is keeping federal employees “in the dark about the data breach.”

Furthermore, AFGE demanded in the ad that OPM provide details to federal workers about the scope of the breach and what types of personal data were compromised, and it also said that OPM has to give impacted feds free lifetime credit monitoring, saying the 18 months being provided was inadequate.

Perhaps coincidentally, OPM has made progress on at least the first item in the list of AFGE’s demands when it released much more information about the breaches today.

What Do You Need to Know About the OPM Data Breaches?

The Office of Personnel Management just released more information on the data breaches that hit its computer systems, and the number of victims is now up to over 25 million. If you’re feeling confused about what is going on, you’re not alone. Here are some of the key points based on the latest available information that federal workers should be aware of.