A Tale of Two Factors

Supervisor having a meeting with one of his employees to correct a problem - discipline, human resources

The author says that federal HR advisors have gotten more cautious in their approach to discipline and often overlook the main focus of solving the problem.

Reconsidering Two Douglas Factors

The 12 factors enumerated by the new MSPB in “Curtis Douglas, et. al. v Veterans Administration, et. al.” changed the way we administer discipline in the Federal sector. It’s time to consider limiting them to 10 factors.

Decades and the Douglas Factors

For three decades human resource specialists, union officials, agency managers, legal counselors, labor arbitrators, Presiding Officials and Administrative Judges have been working with the 12 “factors” that were first articulated in Board decision titled [I}Curtis Douglas, et. al. v Veterans Administration, et. al. [/I]