Is The Presidential Election Close? Very Close According to Latest (and Last) Survey Before the Election

We have occasionally asked readers for their opinions on the presidential election. Our reader preference generally follows national trends. Readers expressed a preference as the nominee for each party earlier this year. As the campaign progressed, each candidate has come out on top at different times. Here are the results of our last survey before the presidential election of 2008.

You Go, Governor!

The author looks at the legality of some of the media’s questions regarding Governor Sarah Palin and how these compare to EEOC guidance on the “Maternal Wall.”

Thompson Edges Giuliani in Reader Survey

Which candidate would readers prefer to see as the Republican nominee for President? The last time we surveyed readers was in February and Rudy Giuliani came in first. This time, a newcomer to the race finished first. There is also a much stronger showing for a candidate who has done well in the recent debates.

Readers Express Preference for Clinton as Democratic Nominee

Who do readers favor to be the Democratic nominee for President next year? A few months can make a big difference as voters learn more about the candidates and hear their positions. This year is no exception and the latest survey shows a dramatic difference.