New Ethics Rules For Federal Employees

business hand pushing ethics button on blurred background

The United States Office of Government Ethics has issued a new regulation overhauling requirements for the executive branch ethics program. It comes at a time when the public indicates a low level of trust in elected officials.

Changes to Government Ethics Regulations

The Office of Government Ethics has issued a modification to its requirements to allow federal employees to accept free attendance at “widely attended gatherings” with a value of up to $375.

Federal Sector Ethics, Have We All Missed the Boat?

The current leadership of MSPB appears not so committed to their oath of office as to advancing a particular political agenda, a union bias or a specific value system. I think a person writing me as well as many other Federal employees have misunderstood the very nature of ethics.

Ethics and Government Employees: How Do Federal Employees Compare?

Is government ethics an oxymoron? With an entire agency and numerous ethics advisers spread throughout federal agencies, one would hope that level of misconduct in federal agencies would be minimal. It isn’t minimal but a new report shows that the federal government is at least ahead of state and local governments in the ethics arena.

Government Ethics With a Sense of Humor

Government ethics with a sense of humor will seem like a misprint to some readers. But one government official has gone to a lot of effort to catalog “ethical lapses” of some federal employees with an eye toward illustrating how one can ruin a career, and perhaps go to prison, by failing to follow the dictates of ethical standards of conduct.