South Carolina: Retirement Haven or Tax Trap?

If you are at or nearing retirement in your federal career, you may be thinking of relocating to a new state. South Carolina is a state that often attracts newcomers with its mild weather, attractive cities, and lots or recreational activities, but look closely at the state’s income tax structure before taking the relocation plunge.

Cows, People and Flying

Cows are inconsiderate animals who care little or not at all for people or other cows. They crowd together in a barnyard or pasture and have their own rules of behavior. It’s all about them and meeting their immediate needs. They are also like some people in crowded, frustrating situations.

Far From the Madding Crowd

Where will you live when you retire and can choose anyplace you want to go? One federal employee couple opted for a different lifestyle spending their summers in a small town in Maine–away from the hustle and crowds in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.