Congress Has Some Advice for TSA

According to a new report released by House Congressional leaders, the Transportation Security Administration has lost its focus on air transportation security and instead has become an “enormous, inflexible and distracted bureaucracy.”

TSA: Children Still a Security Risk, Albeit a Smaller One

DHS announced earlier this week that revised security procedures will, in some cases, allow children 12 and under to avoid pat-downs and removing their shoes at security checkpoints. But the TSA said in a recent blog post that children could still be subjected to these things at the discretion of individual TSA officers based on a child’s appearance.

The TSA 10 Years After 9/11

On the approaching ten year anniversary of September 11, 2001, the TSA highlights policies and procedures it has implemented in the last decade to make air travel safer. Some of these policies haven’t come without controversy, however.

Rally Held in Florida to Protest TSA

It is unusual for a political rally to be organized and carried out with the sole purpose of expressing frustration with one federal agency, but a group of citizens in Florida held a rally this week to protest the TSA’s policies. Readers Say TSA Procedures Make Them Less Inclined to Fly

We have posted several surveys on our site in recent weeks to get feedback from site visitors as to what their flying habits are like now that the TSA’s security procedures have been in place for a while. The overwhelming theme in the responses indicated that the procedures act as a deterrent to would-be air travelers.

TSA Moves to Drop ‘Naked Images’ from Body Scanners

The Transportation Security Administration is installing new software on its Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machines, also known as the body scanners, that is designed to improve individuals’ privacy by eliminating passenger specific images.

Should the Use of Advanced Imaging Machines be Restricted? Two Congressmen Think So

The use of Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machines by the TSA in airports around the country has been a controversial issue. Security and health concerns have been expressed about the use of the machines, while others think the machines make flying safer. Two Congressmen are sponsoring legislation to restrict use of the machines in airports.