Whistleblower Wins at Appeals Court

Finding that the Government failed to justify reassignment of a Department of Justice whistleblower, the appeals court has bounced his appeal back to MSPB and ordered the Government to pay his costs.

Lawmakers Accuse Trump of Breaking Federal Law

Group of businessman with brown paper bags on their heads with "CENSORED" word written on the bags

Members from both branches of Congress are accusing the Trump administration of violating federal law due to issuing gag orders restricting the communications of federal agencies and employees.

Bill Introduced to Protect VA Whistleblowers

Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL) has introduced legislation to designed to offer VA whistleblowers protection from reprisals and real accountability for those who reprise against them.

Agency Policies Gone Awry – Part 2

In this follow-on article, the author addresses comments from readers and identifies actions that federal employees can take and have taken to change policy and bring about needed improvements.