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Ralph Smith has several decades of experience working with federal human resources issues. He has written extensively on a full range of human resources topics in books and newsletter and a co-founder of two companies and several newsletters concerning federal human resources.

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Don’t Let the Hatch Act Destroy Your Federal Career

Filed in News by on November 16, 2015 Comments

The Office of Special Counsel recently issued new Hatch Act guidelines for federal employees pertaining to social media. If you are unfamiliar with the Hatch Act, it would be worth your time to become acquainted with this law. This article provides a brief overview of the new guidelines and a brief summary of why the Hatch Act was passed.

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Tim Dirks Selected As Interim President for the Senior Executives Association

Filed in News by on November 11, 2015 Comments

Human resources expert and long-time federal employee Tim Dirks has been named as the interim president of the Senior Executives Association.

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Federal Salary Council Sees Federal Workers as Substantially Underpaid

Filed in News by on November 9, 2015 Comments

The Federal Salary Council has concluded, as it has in past years, that federal employees are generally underpaid by about 35%.

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TSP Stock Funds Score Solid Gains in October

Filed in News by on November 2, 2015 Comments

All TSP funds had positive returns in October, and the C fund had its best single month return in four years.

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Will Allocations Be Changing for the TSP’s Lifecycle Funds?

Filed in News by on November 2, 2015 Comments

Will the allocations to the lifecycle funds be changing? A new recommendation for the Thrift Savings Plan would change the current investment structure of these funds. Here are the recommendations provided in a recent report.

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What is the Chained CPI and How Would It Impact Your Retirement?

Filed in News by on October 26, 2015 Comments

What is the chained CPI and how would it impact the federal workforce if a new legislative proposal were adopted?

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Your COLA Increase in 2016 Will Be: Zero

Filed in News by on October 12, 2015 Comments

It isn’t official yet, but there will not be a cost of living adjustment in 2016. Adjust your budget accordingly.

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Federal Employees on ‘An Elite Island of Secure and High-Paid Employment’

Filed in News by on October 7, 2015 Comments

An article describes the federal government as “an elite island of secure and high-paid employment, separated from the ocean of average Americans competing in the economy.”

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