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Ralph Smith has several decades of experience working with federal human resources issues. He has written extensively on a full range of human resources topics in books and newsletter and a co-founder of two companies and several newsletters concerning federal human resources.

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TSP Investors Pull $2.1 Billion Out of Stock Funds in June

Filed in Headlines, News by on July 27, 2016 Comments

A volatile stock market and current events are making TSP investors nervous. Federal employees pulled more than $2 billion from their TSP stock funds in June. As is often the case, these attempts to time the market haven’t turned out so well.

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Bleak Outlook for 2017 COLA

Filed in Headlines, News by on July 25, 2016 Comments

The outlook for federal retirees and Social Security recipients for an increase in income in 2017 is bleak. For the average Social Security recipient, next year’s COLA increase is unlikely to be over $5.00 per month.

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Union Challenges Recent Recommendations on Care for Veterans

Filed in News by on July 22, 2016 Comments

The Commission on Care has issued a report on how to improve medical care for veterans. A federal employee union disagrees with the report. Here is why.

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Priorities in Trump’s Acceptance Speech and the Federal Workforce

Filed in News by on July 22, 2016 Comments

Comments in Donald Trump’s acceptance speech that would directly impact the federal workforce were few in number but give an indication of his priorities. Here is a quick summary.

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Worst Case Scenario: Proposed Cuts to Federal Pay and Benefits

Filed in News by on July 16, 2016 Comments

A “Comprehensive Policy Agenda for a New Administration in 2017” proposes changes for the federal workforce that would save about $330 billion by 2026. The proposals envision cuts to federal pay and benefits in a number of ways from changes to retirement, the federal leave program, and removing federal workers. Here is a summary.

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2017 Pay Raise Silently Advances, But House Bill Would Block Some Bonuses

Filed in News by on July 10, 2016 Comments

A major funding bill has passed the House for 2017. By not addressing a federal pay raise for most federal employees, the likelihood increases for implementing the largest federal pay raise since 2010, but the bill would also block bonuses for many in the Senior Executive Service.

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Top 10 Agencies With Highest Federal Employee Salaries and Individual Awards

Filed in News by on July 5, 2016 Comments

Which agencies are in the top 10 of highest average salaries? Which are in the bottom 10? What about bonuses? It will surprise some that there are federal employees who received a bonus of more than $100,000 last year. Here is a summary.

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What is the Best Performing Fund in the TSP?

Filed in News by on July 1, 2016 Comments

Bonds often help an investment portfolio to be less volatile, but they also have the lowest returns over the long term. The fund that is currently outpacing all of the others inside of the TSP may surprise you.

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