Do You Have an Uzi?

This federal employee who worked for the Postal Service apparently intentionally flunked a required training program and asked if one of the instructors had an Uzi. The employee had three prior suspensions and was fired for this one. It went to federal court for resolution.

Disrespectful Language and Failure to Follow Instructions Leads to Removal

An employee of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs was fired for failing to follow a supervisor’s instructions and then used “disrespectful language and made inappropriate statements.” The employee argued that she was a whistleblower and that the agency had committed procedural error but, after all appeals, remains a former federal employee.

The Federal Case That Won’t Die

How long can it take for a removal action against a federal employee to run its course? Here is an example of how a federal employee who was removed but with skill, determination, and active supporters has kept a case going for a few years, and still has room to keep it running.