Applicant Awarded $100,000 Despite Agency Doubts About Applicant’s Fitness for Position

A trial court has rebuffed the government’s attempts to set aside a jury verdict in favor of an unsuccessful applicant for an FBI Special Agent position. The FBI revoked its conditional offer of employment to a Type I insulin-dependent diabetic applicant. The applicant invoked the Rehabilitation Act and sued the agency.

Federal Interns and Politics

A district court has ruled that a small number of unsuccessful applicants for the DOJ Honors Program and Summer Law Intern Program who claim their applications were excluded by agency political appointees during the Bush years for failure to pass a partisan litmus test may maintain a Privacy Act lawsuit against the department.

False Police Report Leads to Removal of Homeland Security Officer

A Customs and Border Protection Officer reported his car had been stolen. When police recovered the car and made an arrest, he tried to have the charges dropped. After admitting that the woman he initially claimed he did not know had been his mistress for some time, his future career as a federal employee was thrown into doubt. A federal court reviewed his removal appeal.